Bedrock Needs, Social Network Fluff

This is a story of un-served and under served markets. This is also a tale of saturated markets that also happen to be speculative in their very nature. Lately, Venture Capital has been flowing into a considerable number of ventures piloted by a dubious mix of characters. There is an oft heard adage quoted many times in the cannon of startup literature, “the team is more important than the product – rather a great team with a ‘meh’ product than a brilliant product with a ‘meh’ team. How can you argue with that?

But we are seeing a flood of money being poured into ventures that, in all honesty, can’t be called serious. If it was merely the duplication of existing and unproven models, then you might argue that the cadre of privileged VC fund partners who are responsible for the Pilate-like ‘thumbs-up-down”, then maybe the funds are just playing the odds. They feel the need to play in the space, and dare not be left out of the madness.

Obviously, I wasted much time as a lone wolf trying to pitch ThruDispatch to these funds; I’m not even sure I want to be the CEO, CFO, CTO amalgam that the grant of such benevolent dilution confers.

But again, what can you say when the attributes of a real, recession-proof, service-based venture is proffered and rejected so…summarily. Here we have an under served market, a real business, even a modest one, that is based on real, preexisting client constituency who has been well surveyed and who are eager to pay subscriber fees to use such a system.

It must be ….me? Fine. No academic credentials, bootstrap career through the trades, and now, very modestly self-employed. I have a few nice recommendations and one or two marquee clients. Im not VC material.

And as of now, I don’t want it anymore. They don’t want me, I don’t want them. Lesson learned.

So if it only took me since 2005 to learn this, and there is still absolutely no competition in the hosted mobile dispatch for independent automotive services space?

I will persevere by seeking partners in the conventional mobile workforce management space, and keep trying to find a small development team that might take this on the cuff for equity, while I work the marketing and field build-out.


White papers Posted on Automotive Industry Supply Chain

A White paper that generated some critical acclaim has been posted to the portfolio samples page of this blog. The paper is meant to be a layman’s introduction to the EDI vs. XML issues of the 69 page Automotive Supply Chain monograph I completed for France Telecom. Although few folks would read this for pleasure, potential clients and /or future partners may like to review it as just another piece of my collateral.

This particular paper was singled out for recognition by several in-the-know types in the supply chain infrastructure enabling industry, especially the EDI over internet folks.

See it the small one here:

See the big report on EDI vs. XMl networks for the Automotive Industry Supply Chain here

Local Used Car Dealers !! Get Web Video

North of Boston Auto Dealers Get Custom Web Video of Featured Used Cars
It’s Like Having your own cable channel with syndication

I create scheduled web video channels customized for your dealership – featured cars, trades, off-lease, etc. Also, general dealership news, podcasts, video commercials.

All shooting in HD Format – Video Hosting is included, your video blog is included, all syndication and custom channel work is included.

Video blogs are hot, as many viewers as cable TV, listed in Apple iTunes, all of these channels can be delivered to mobile phones.

I will provide this service at a LOW INTRODUCTORY RATE for North Shore auto dealers.

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See the long form work I created for Interstate Auto Auction: Click here

Your feature car videos will be short form walk-arounds and start-ups, with specs and narration posted to your custom video blog.

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Local Used Car Videos on the Web

I am creating a dedicated, drive up, used car video service for the Boston North Shore Area – This service is free to private users and dealers – first shoot only, there is no additional charge for the posting, video, hosting, etc.

The spot will include a brief walk around and narration of details – I will leave each spot on-line until you have me take it down, or until sold.

You can see my HD Video Work on this blog in earlier posts, I also do more sophisticated central video blog feeds for larger auto dealers that publish feature videos that automatically push video to subscribers using customized pod casting.

See my spiel at this link

So drive up, get your video done and I will post and promote it for you – I will do the same for real estate folks – by appointment.

If your car is not on the road, I will come to you for a very reasonable fee, and shoot at your location – the ad runs till it’s sold !!