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reach me at abmadw@gmail.com or skype: awilensky or  978-296-5057

For the past 15 years, I have been a contract product analyst specializing in vertical IT sectors from a competitive and qualitative POV. I distill the results of my research into concise, clearly written reports and presentations, as well as interactive executive sessions. Although I usually contract for SMEs in the 25-250M revenue range, when Global 1000 France Telecom / Orange needed incisive research to guide their R&D division towards a targeted product in the automotive industry B2B vendor management sector, they did not go to Gartner, or Forrester, they came to me. Many of my clients have called me, “Product Manager’s secret weapon, or an analyst with the skills of a product manager.

I never drag a contract out, usually wrapping in six or nine months, with a targeted project maximum duration of 18 months.

You can reach me at abmadw@gmail.com or skype: awilensky

My educational background in applied electronics servicing and real time instrument design process , as well as mid range IT systems.

I have delivered concentrated technology solutions to several vertical markets, all have been back end integrated with Enterprise IT and B2B IT systems.

My client’s products, are without exception, reliably impeccable. call me 617-650-1024


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    • I cover industrial and technical services markets, such as industrial equipment services, mobile dispatch, web services for task productivity.

      Anything with a specialized, technical product orientation.

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