Saving the Newspaper business

Toilet paper
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With apologies to Scott Karp.

I hereby announce the first major aggregator of legacy newsprint style reporting for the 21st century, “” the first newspaper printed on 100% recycled toilet tissue packaged on a 1000ft. long, 24″ wide roll. Read, then wipe. The content will also be available on the web – get it?

Each 10 year subscription will also include, as our gift to you for subscribing, a 27″ Apple iMac of 2009 vintage, to be used as an a Kindle style reader. That’s right, a specialty modified Macintosh all in one computer on a wheeled hand truck with self-contained fuel-cell power (butane gas-powered fuel cells really exist). An honest to goodness TSA waiver is included. An attractive hinged cover is included, making your new e-book reader look very similar to an oversized Surface tablet. I know that Sony now makes  a 19 inch Android tablet , so this is my contribution to the product matrix.


So, !000FT of toilet paper roll printed with Web Finance and Deals news from the Valley, and a 2009 Vintage iMac 27 i7 converted to a e-book reader, powered by a Butane Fuel Cell. you want a 4G Portable WiFi Hotspot? Go buy one, ya big dummies!

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Steve Jobs, The Leader of an Inspired, Intuitive School of Design.

Steve Jobs has never had a true peer in the world of designed durable electronics. His sense of what works, what looks appetizing and inviting to use, and how design contributes to the human experience has only been approached by certain design schools – but never to his level.

We can compare Tandberg, Bang and Olufsen, and Ferrari, as well as others unnamed – none of these saw the future of technology and grasped it with both hands and spirit – bringing high concepts down to the earthly market for all to enjoy. His most memorable statements regarding the ethos of design:

Paraphrasing – ” …combining the best of technology and liberal arts”, ”

“…now we have a phone that encompasses the best design, it feels substantial and its beautiful, similar to a Leica camera”.

My most fervent hope is that the organization he has built and left in good hands, will continue to even push beyond its boundaries of Consumer Electronics, and take upon itself missions that will change the very foundation of the USA manufacturing economy.

I have no doubt that goal is achievable under the hands of Steve Job’s General Staff of leaders, now firmly in a position to expand Apple’s mission.