Literature Review – Amy Guth, “Three Fallen Women”.

I am not a reviewer. But I read a lot. What more you want me say, I am literate, damn it.

Rather than give a long, boring introduction to my new reading, and what has impressed me (which no doubt will make you run right out and buy what I’m reading), let me pick one book out of dozens that breaks the mold:

Author, Amy Guth

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As to the book:

“Three Fallen Women”, is a small book that exploits an entirely different narrative method. It is an engrossing story of three protagonists and their inner lives. The stories combine the three protagonist’s inner dialogs with a narrator’s voice that observes, judges, and comments in such a way that reminded me of Herman Hesse, however, author Amy Guth is leaping into uncharted territory with this slim volume, and owes nothing to previous narrative specialists.

I found the story a compelling yet challenging read at the outset, but am glad that I persevered. New narrative cadences and the craft of painting worlds-with words will always require an evolving method. Amy Guth is such a pioneer, creating new expressions, voices, and images for the enterprising reader. Did I just really say, enterprising? Damn.

You will like ‘Three Fallen Women”, if you enjoy fresh narrative approaches. I also found Bulgakov’s cadences challenging at first.

If you are an aficionado of feminist literature as a means of illuminating the challenges of women and relationships, you might well consider this compact volume part of the evolving cannon. I liked it, I learned from it, and I recommend it.

This blog may not be the NYT book review, but Author Amy Guth belongs in that august arena.