My Freelance Agenda

My updated Linkedin reads like this, and I am looking for new work as a freelance internal analyst  / evangelist – creating alternative narratives that serve to rejuvenate product targeting, while elevating the discussion above the noise level .

The Enterprise IT Sector is crowded and complex. The constituent buyers of B2B Capital Line of Business software and hardware are becoming increasingly jaded and immune to standard marketing practices.

Feature / Benefit – Feature / Benefit

Whether a long and excruciatingly precipitous closing cycle, or being drowned in the advertising noise, when is the right time to create a fresh narrative? 

Selling complex and costly capital line systems to sophisticated buyers using the old feature / benefit tactic is starting to wear thin across capital line of business IT and equipment markets. There are many, many highly competitive SME companies led by Scientist / Engineer Founders who are simply being outspent on media by PE funded leviathans. 

A reworked narrative can make a difference. My campaigns are industry issue driven to dovetail with your existing marketing, to steer high-interest prospects and convert them into leads – always focusing on the essential core of what makes your org / product better, different. 

In context of the market & above the noise. Part of being in context is analyzing the competitors in your sector, while keeping watch on the developing opportunities.

My clients deliver highly crafted and refined technologies to B2B software and a few hardware markets where I have a special feel for (Test & Measurement, Mobile data, workforce management). I’m an industry relations analyst with an evangelist’s tilt – and increasingly a guide to regulatory relations


MIcrosoft could increase search share overnight with Name change, says branding experts

A group of Linguists and Brand Equity analysts have determined after conducting an extensive survey, that Microsoft could increase its search market share in the Mature user Populations by changing the name of its search engine, from “Bing”, to “Bingle”. The lead scientist on the project, Dr. Moshe ben-Maimon, of the University of Tel Aviv, says that, “the older populations are more prone to trust two syllable on-line brands that end in “…le”.

The Japanese researchers contributing to the project concur with a set of targeted cultural adjustment for Asian demographics.

MIcrosoft should change Bing to BIngle. The Nice young lady, that social networking researcher who cries at conferences…..declined to comment for this report. Danah Boyd, that’s it, she has never written anything on this phenomenon.

Disingenuous Editorial Comment Policies

Thank you for your comment. Our policy, which you can read here:
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Nevertheless, thank you for your interest in All Things Digital.
John Sullivan
Associate Editor

Mr. John Sullivan is the comment squad cop of Kara Swisher’s All thingsD .

I cant believe that I actually gave them a link! I am a fan of Kara Swisher, in a small way I have her in my RSS reader, and that means – I’m a subscriber!

So they don’t want my freaking comment on the Arrington blog super union venture; eh! Big deal, as if I said anything about him that hasn’t been said before.

I don’t know the man (Arrington), but I envy his success, and most of my snarky comments about him, Edgeio, Keith Teare (the man is right out of a JP Donleavy Novel), are just to get a rise out the bloggeratti.

So, Mr. Sullivan, editor of ALL things Digital – kiss my Hairy Hebrew Bum. I’m not even going to bother threatening to unsubscribe from the site, because it would hardly matter.

Mr. Sullivan should just know that he is bad part of the blog business, and he makes main stream media look good in comparison.


The Demon Bride of Twitter

The Demon Bride of Twitter

“I am eating”

“I am Going here…”

“I have Come from there”

“I have baked a cake”

“I am happy”

“I am sad”

“I am a Gentile, I am a Jew”

“I am at XYZ place;anyone here want to meet up?”

Phew….I worry about the Demon bride of Twitter – a swinging hip chick with a modern job in the crossover laced techno-branding sphere. Profiles on Flickr, Facebook, Myspace, and umpteen other presence services.

She is, by anyone’s measure, riding the new wave of social media. I’m sure she has a Second Life, if even only as a professional dalliance.

I worry about the Demon bride of Twitter. I worry about the industry as a whole the way I worry about family members. Maybe I need to worry more about my consulting practice? Continue reading

Six Apart Seriously Mistaken Regarding Customer’s Gullibility

If little Mena and the Six Apart team think for one minute that Typepad users and account holders will be mollified by explanations for outages that include excuses like, “power Outages at our data center”, they have another thing coming.

If the Six Apart Data Center subcontractors can’t provide reliable, 24.7.365 power and hot standby, they are out of step with the professional hosting industry that has indeed become coin of the realm.

Six Apart’s weak-assed ‘power outage excuses’ are not acceptable to me, a professional account holder, who has had a fraction of the down-time on a free account.

It ma be time to give Mena and the gang their walking papers.