The technical evangelist as a hired gun

Integrated Marketing Campaigns for B2B Product  / Service oriented SME / SMB

As a freelance analyst/ evangelist I assist thought-leading SMB /SMEs gain visibility in the B2B tools and services sector. From undiscovered to well-covered – that’s what I can do for your business, products, and services. 

Amplifying  industry recognition of otherwise competitive SME / SMBs, I create media to initiate discussions that not only highlight your organization’s character and thought leadership, but also position that special something within the current context of the desired target sector. This includes competitive research to provide a better understanding of  competitive forces a client is aligned with and against. This also includes researching the pricing environment and any ancillary issues affecting your solutions. Powerful and cost effective, my campaigns deliver answers and the actions for targeting an industry’s issues by highlighting your company’s unique strengths.

Yes, it is true that the feature and benefit matrix is all important, however, the market is crowded, so  my campaigns seeks to elevates  character, unique organizational strengths, and the elusive attributes which set the ground work for establishing trust- at least compared to monotonic product-centric language. We know true Character  when we experience it – yet conveying these attributes via media is a subtle skill. Each company possesses these unique imprints and and an essence that speaks to the  issues faced by your prospects, especially in technical / vertical markets.

I can do this for your business – promote core attributes to build industry awareness.

My shortest integrated campaigns start at 90 days. I have very satisfied references. I might consider full time positions.

Call or email me at 617-650-1024

Many portfolio samples are available here on LinkedIn, or my blog

Here’s a quick checklist of the backbone of my campaigns.

  1. Conduct complete, sector in depth competitive review of client’s product coverage by function  / targeted client size, and any indications of leading or lagging within this sector. I identify the close competitors, including those with unearned recognition that your prospects might call in first. Being well informed regarding competitors and pricing is important to acting in a technical market.  The report will suggest avenues of making better, faster inroads into prospects compared to the default competition. 
  2. I initiate trade relations, including analyst coverage, industry trade publishers, and directories that cater to the B2B tools and services sector. 
  3. Write articles, papers, and create other media that expands beyond product / services feature and benefits. Feature and benefits are important, and I’m glad to collaborate with marketing folks, however, my campaign entails comprehensive publishing on a schedule schedule. The campaign covers your Company’s character, strengths, positioning, and the attributes that are often difficult to name – yet all companies have their essence which speaks to real issues and specific problems plaguing all contemporary technical vertical markets. I will promote your core attributes to build industry awareness. 
  4. I belong to a confidential analyst’s network, with members from investment banks, analysts and other bureaus. We conduct a weekly call on topics relating to Enterprise computing, of which supply chain takes up 25-33% of the allotted call time. This information gained can help my clients when opportunities arise in the market. 
  5. I advise on  sales automation and market intel generation using G-analytics and other relevant data mining tools. 
  6. I am well versed in the use of Social media NLP mining systems, both no cost and paid subscription systems. These reporting tools can measure how and when targeted parties mention your company, and whether these mentions are positive or negative. 
  7. I cross post to industry blogs and other sites, with relevant customizations, also to linkedin pages and the relevant B2B forums.

I have references and a good reputation as a contractor. My direct number is 617-650-1024

Portfolio references


I wrote and published most of the API Developer Site :


France Telecom 2006-07-08
Loren Data Corp 2009-2015

Narrative Summation Article


The following document was recognized as a key piece of corporate communications writing that was circulated to the OpenText BOD -, along with various personal outreach letters, convinced the board and CEO to work with Loren Data as a peer network.


Letter / report to the FCC enforcement bureau (and EU UK regulators) that alerted the regulators that something was wrong.


Basic SOW – Duration 6-9 Months

  1. Competitive Compilation of adjacent services / pricing
  2. Trade and Analyst Relations
  3. Trade publishing of Long and short form articles
  4. Social Media cohort analysis (if required)
  5. Surveys and Prospect / user sampling
  6. Media Generation for product evangelism and branding
  7. Creation of trade show materials or webinar content