The Small Semantic web – Our Tiny Semantic World

The Small Semantic web – Our Tiny Semantic World

What happened to the small semantic web of our daily lives, our work, and our mundane concerns? The W3C and its cohort of bright allies have authored voluminous specifications and RFC’s that make one’s head ache.

And what has been the result of this academic pouring from the empty into the void?

Nothing; at least from the point of view of the software consuming public, nothing that we can see and feel. Perhaps the arcane world of semantic browser plug-ins, strange new database architectures, and verbal wrangling over, ‘how the semantic web will cure our data ills”, has overshot its target with the goal of either restructuring the entire universe of web information, or has a master plan regarding Web authoring and data schemes of the near future.

But, as of now, we get zip from the Semantic Web. I say again: What about the tiny semantic web of our daily lives? Why have these ostensible geniuses not provided us with services and tools to better organize my information, by lifting structure out of the soup of my emails, bookmarks, profiles, and interests? Continue reading