Once upon an API

Once upon an API…….

‘If you cant say something in poetry, you don’t really understand it well’..

Once upon a time there was an API created by a brilliant man, the thought leader in his B2B technical sector, and the very last of the great men in E-commerce communications. This peerless Engineer created a powerful network management API – not just some hodgepodge of functions, but a coherent DSL-like function suite that really hung together as grand yet practical architecture. This API could really be put to good and profitable use by the visionaries and practically minded alike.

But, when I came along to help market it, I fell into the same pitfall as the Great man who created it….I fell into words and blah blah. Even some of the people who might have used the API said, “why do I need a 90 function API when I can use FTP to move files?” And I knew the answer in words, there were many compelling reasons why. How could I break the ice in the market that was used to doing things sub-optimally, and show them a better future? Then it hit me: ‘If you cant say something in poetry, you don’t really understand it well’. So I composed this rap song and had it animated. Now, The API really sold itself, all I really did was catalyze the market, and of course worked with the Great Man (Todd Gould of Loren Data Corp) on other promotions and business stuff.  Continue reading