Techno Reality Dame Confidential

From the Series, ‘Down and Out in Silicon Valley’.

(Names and locations changed to preserve the privacy of those involved).

After the last troubling meeting with the tech-slackers, I had to see Tabbatha again. She stood out as the one with understated elegance, and showed no need to tear down the idea as a knee jerk response.

Indeed, the response I have come to expect when presenting ThruDispatch was not a cool refusal, but a vehement castigation of the idea in its essence. These exchanges were often punctuated with an assault on my character, resume, acumen, and motives. You could almost certainly identify which coast the critique originated from – bile and personal attacks generally came from the Bay area, cool refusals and weak advice from the Yankees.

Tabbatha agreed to see me at her workplace conference room. She was a partner in a prominent design studio, and highly placed, at that. It made me wonder why she was hanging with the slacker programmers at that Mission District hole of an apartment? So I asked, “what gives, Tabbatha, you have a really prominent design job, are technically very savvy, and I see you now dressed in a very sharp and conservative getup. Hmmmm?”, and I gestured at her designer business outfit. Continue reading


An Arbitrage Method of Service Fleet Dispatch

Creating an Arbitrage Model for Open Dispatch Mobile Services and Trades

by Alan Wilensky, Sector Analyst, vCastProfiles

“…making a market is oftentimes as valuable as trading in the market…” Chicago Board of Trade Exchange Seat-holders Newsletter


The small mobile service operator often feels like a dog – hardworking and just as often unrewarded for effort and loyalty. The automotive auctioneering business illustrates an example of this world of independent mobile services, small fleets, and lone operators; auctions touch towing, locksmiths, glass installation, and delivery services, as well as financial services asset recovery, thus exposing a unique cross section of the independent mobile services industry.

While corporate fleets reap the benefit of advanced ERP solutions wedded to sophisticated service dispatch systems, the small services operator is left in the cold, often operating without an office or staff. Indeed, the truck is the office in most cases. Even basic mobile gateway services for rudimentary mobile messaging is useless if one is unable to man a dispatcher’s web-based application terminal.

Taken in aggregate, Nextel-Belt-Clipped independents may exceed in number the entire cadre of cooperate fleet-held J2ME handsets. By using the power of advanced portal services, this market can be set in dynamic motion, unleashed, if you will, in its full potential for those submitting and receiving mobile work orders in the automotive and small services sector.

In this monograph, the author will examine the basis for an open-market, arbitrage-based exchange for mobile trades and those who push work into the portal. We will cover ratings, credentials, bearer profiles, and optimizing tool sets for virtual fleet management.

Perhaps creating such a dynamic market, enabled by the best technology, can, by an innovative operation, transform islands of semi-productive local services, into a fecund and graceful dance of mobile e-commerce. Continue reading