The best Mcain video collection

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Has the best collection of Mcain videos showing him as not only a doddering old man, but probably a closet bigot.

Few people actually know that the original local news coverage of the Keating Five found that Mcain was not merely covering for Keating’s S&L scandal (as a senator), but was probably one of the group that created and masterminded the rape of the thrifts. He thought, due to his position as a Senator, that he could protect the S&Ls and have his family profit from the bad paper.

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John McCain official photo portrait.

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Empty and vacuous: iPhone line people

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A writer at the Washington Post has a piece on the wisdom of waiting a week or so to get your iPhone, due to the inevitable activation snafus of the new in store process.

I will do him one better: What’s wrong with you! Standing in line, for hours, for a crappy gadget. I’m ashamed of myself for even taking time to shame you. Are you empty, void of purpose, stupid? Don’t you work or contribute to the economy or some civic activity? Who can afford to sit around like that? And for what? It’s not like a sporting event or concert seat with a limited run – it’s a device, they are slated to make 50 million of them.

Stop it now, get out of line, go home. Collect your old clothes and donate them, volunteer, or just go back to the job that you called in sick for – argh. Get a life.

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