Bush and Georgia: A Useless Conservative Plays the Wounded Hawk

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President Bush has been, in so many ways, a disaster in his handling of the economy and of our country’s military blunders. The man is a scandal and a virus, as far as I’m concerned. And, he is a chip off the old block as far as selling out our allies and standing idly by as our enemies crush our friends under their boot heels.

His father did this in the first Iraq war, calling for the Shiites to rise up against the Hussein Regime as the USA wound up its cleanup of the Kuwait invasion. The Southern Shiites, Marsh Arabs, and Kurds all did as Bush the senior asked, and were promptly slaughtered. It was a great shame to be an American in those post Gulf War times. The Bastard, Elder Bush; oh, the people who died for your inept misuse of power. We came, shortly thereafter, to help the Kurds rebuild – but we left the Shiites to fester in their hatred of us. They might have been our greatest ally in the current, manufactured Iraq tragedy, but the Bush family made sure that was not to be. Good going.

Now, we have built up the goodwill, yet again, of a former Soviet Satellite, and told them that we would be at their side when the shit hit the proverbial fan – and again, we are hanging them out to dry. Who, pray tell, is this new friend of Democracy, you ask?

Why, it’s the Democratic Republic of Georgia,

Georgia is now being crushed by the newly reconstituted Soviet state – the selfsame New Soviet run by Mr. Vladimir Putin, of whom Mr. Bush (the coward butt-hole Jr.) said, “I have looked into his (Putin’s) eyes, and I saw his soul”, – hows that going now, Mr. President? How do you like Putin now?

Just like his dad, Bush junior is selling out a tiny country that took him up on a pledge to hold to and support democracy. Do this and the USA will be with you. They must feel pretty stupid now, trusting us.

Of all the disadvantages of having this moron in office, I would think the one advantage is that he would at minimum protect the small and fledgling democratic allies that he personally gestated. Send in a few Aegis Missile Cruisers to give them cover for the capital of Tbilisi. Knock a few Russian fighters out of the sky.

Georgia sent 500 or so troops to Iraq to help us in a genuine misadventure that they had every right to beg off from; yet they stood firmly with us. A symbolic gesture, for sure, but a bold move of their brave president. They should have stayed home for all th good it did them.

Mr. Bush, arrrrgh, send the fleet into the Black Sea for heaven’s sake! Save our Friends that you gave hope to – give them air cover! You have done everything wrong in your eight years in office – ruined a great economy, waged a stupid needless war in Iraq, did not finish or adequately provision the real war we needed to win, ruined America’s international standing, etc.

Etc. indeed. Please, do the one right thing that a REAL CONSERVATIVE President should do – protect our weakest allies. Do that.

Then go away.

Failing this, maybe Israel might help.

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