What happened to the ThruDispatch Articles??

The business plan and slides for Thrudispatch, the intelligent mobile work order scheduler and virtual AI Dispatcher for Self-employed independent service  businesses, like Towing and mobile locksmiths, etc. can be found on Scribd.com


Social Networks: New Age Solution to Problems of the Old Economy

I’m a curmudgeon, a hard headed analyst. I compete with much larger agencies to help companies find alternative product strategies when first efforts are running out of steam. I point out weaknesses and overlooked opportunities, find partners, and debunk shoddy market volume figures proffered by staff in order to keep projects funded, or to justify their existence of such. My advice is often ignored – until much later after my contract is long over. That’s when they dredge up my reports and presentations and go over them with a highlighter.

Strategies for Social Media, in particular, have been a challenge when soft pedaling my services in the outreach phase. Companies want to just jump in and create systems from whole cloth, offer white box services, or create Facebook apps – all without a thought as to what interactions they are trying to foster, who they are endeavoring to connect or enable, or what model they are trying to exploit. Forget any reality checks for monetization, even in the soft sense of labor savings or process streamlining.

No, when an organization has made up its mind, the strategic issues are often put aside, and the project proceeds apace to implementation. Bad for me, good for the latest crop of Social Media systems designers; all power to them. We will see how it shakes out, long term.

But I am a staunch advocate of applying New Age solutions to Old Economy problems. Continue reading


White papers Posted on Automotive Industry Supply Chain

A White paper that generated some critical acclaim has been posted to the portfolio samples page of this blog. The paper is meant to be a layman’s introduction to the EDI vs. XML issues of the 69 page Automotive Supply Chain monograph I completed for France Telecom. Although few folks would read this for pleasure, potential clients and /or future partners may like to review it as just another piece of my collateral.

This particular paper was singled out for recognition by several in-the-know types in the supply chain infrastructure enabling industry, especially the EDI over internet folks.

See it the small one here:

See the big report on EDI vs. XMl networks for the Automotive Industry Supply Chain here