My evaluation of the current status of Loren Data Corp

Analysts bombard me with questions about the status of Loren Data Corp, so let me say that the following is 100% my personal evaluation (as of 11/22/2013):

1) Loren Data Corp is in business, They plan to be in business for a very long time,

2) The company is very busy operating and innovating, they never stop. From the President and Founder, to the Netops VP, and to the 3 full-time support  experts, and the untamed contractors  – this company works like no other.

3) Todd Gould built this VAN like no other in the EDI sector. ECGrid is a ground up rethink, a fresh take on a multi tenant, multi protocol, distributed communications architecture. The system is a unique, API  factorable VAN, specifically designed for messaging and subscriber management at the scale required by service providers, like SPS Commerce, who Loren Data has served with distinction for over 13 years.

4) They are interconnected and they interconnect others. Loren Data President Todd Gould says, “networked markets exist and grow by their interconnects”. The company has always set moderately permissive policies for interconnection to ECGrid, whether requested by a specialized or generic venture.

While these policies are permissive, standards are imposed. This is because Todd knows that growing the competitive market for EDI endpoints results in increased traffic, more trading partners, and increased innovation. The interconnect policy of Loren Data Corp will be published soon, for all to see.

5. Todd Gould created these systems and he is hands-on with the code; he stays in touch with his partners, developers, prospective clients and colleagues. Loren Data has its code under the continual improvement of its Founder.  The company’s clients can get through to queue-free netops support, they know each account on a first-name-basis. The President is available to speak with clients and operators about important interoperability issues, and for the implementation of standards.

6) They believe in an accessible EDI Communications market, and in B2B services offering more than the mere routing of interchanges via file transfer. They welcome new ventures with new ideas that want to enter the market.

7) They put their money where their mouth is: President and CTO Todd Gould spent years designing a factorable, understandable, and robust Web Services API that amounts to a domain specific language – a VAN OS/  for those who want more than a mailbox. For anyone that desires to operate as their own VAN, viola, ECGridOS has delivered the reality of VAN self-operation –  for large and small companies – from a one person shop with big ideas, to prestigious ERP vendors building in EDI messaging features where they always belonged, within the application’s core code and UI.

8) They took it to the streets and to the Courts: when they saw injustice being done in the market – they paid dearly for the right to be heard. In their antitrust case and in their writing, it was made amply clear to all that they are believers in the potential of networked markets, 

The old GXS acquired companies that grew due to the boon of reciprocal message routing and  non-settlement interconnections, and then proceeded to abrogate these implied contracts, against the interests of all trading parties – including their own clients.

Loren Data Corp fought against this, and a very few of their allies assisted. However, all, including the largest EDI end-users, know who is the EDI sector’s true advocate.

9) Loren Data has the future wired, all else being equal. They do not just operate and sell ‘me too’.. They design and refine by consulting with experts and colleagues, while they code and test. The result is ECGrid, ECGridOS, and Unified As2, and the next generation of upcoming services that will be noteworthy and stupendous.

“what can anyone can say about Todd Gould and Loren Data Corp? Although the company is small, this you can count on:

— –  “Whatever comes next, will be the sole original creation of Todd Gould, it will be practically bulletproof, and it will work as intended. Such are the products and services offered by Loren Data Corp, all  are exclusive and never available from the other providers in the sector. ”  

The above quote was from an analyst at “famous analysts inc..”

10) They are not and will not be defined as a company cut off by GXS. They have fought and made their case. They believe in the principles therein, and these principles are agreed upon by the vast majority of end users and the collegial VANs, and even by GXS customers. They have nothing to apologize for.

I can say that the bullseye drawn by GXS on Loren Data Corp’s back was the greatest compliment a small company could attain. It was an endorsement of their model and the potency of their technology.

The clients they have retained for over a decade speak for themselves. The resorting to network subterfuge (by “the old GXS) is an ultimate admission of being unable to compete against a superior, smaller competitor who can think, create, compete, and win.

Abrogating transit is positive proof that GXS has no faith in its solution portfolio, that is built a customer book rigged for hair-trigger defections. Surveys indicate universal negative sentiment across the sector..

GXS saw Loren Data and SPS as their biggest threat and the cause of their lost profits. This is the saddest commentary regarding an artificial venture manned by disengaged executives.

Loren Data is here and will be around for a long time yet. Todd Gould will not be moved or undone by a company that purchased its way to ignominy.