An Influential and Long-Lived Partnership – SPS Commerce and Loren Data Corp solidify their relationship

And in other developments, Loren Data Corp and its major account relation, SPS Commerce, are finally pulling in the same, sane, direction:

SPS CEO, Archie Black, now stands with Loren Data Corp President Todd Gould, endorsing Mr. Gould’s vision of how connected markets should work.

Most important is that these two companies will now directly oppose the worn out GXS notion that Daisy Chaining (a term of art) is a deficient topology in a networked system, as GXS would have an uninformed public believe. The absolute opposite is true, as we all know: Good Networks Hop Well. Internetwork systems, message routing systems, and WANs, all tolerate and even optimize for hand-offs to cooperative systems. The internet is Daisy Chaining made a science. Email, as the “killer application” of the Internet, is designed to tolerate N-relays.

Furthermore, if your messaging system can not tolerate intermediate routing, enhanced traffic handling, or more than one hop, then your technology is questionable and deficient. Make no mistake, my colleagues, when GXS says, Daisy Chain, they mean, “we want both ends of all supply chain transactions, the hub and the spoke, all to be resident on GXS VANs….period.    

SPS Commerce, having spoken out in direct public support of Loren Data Corp, has underscored the competency and operational excellence of Loren Data, as SPS’ preferred EDI messaging provider.  Todd Gould, Loren Data Corp President and CTO , designed the efficient and innovative ECGrid VAN,  the ECGridOS Web Services API, Unified AS2, and a new generation of products emerging from this intrepid and resilient thought leader of the EDI communications sector, and his scalable ECGrid platform.

This approbation by SPS Commerce signals that more stable times are potentially within reach for the interconnected VAN sector. SPS and Loren Data, two upstart companies with remarkably individualistic and obstinate leaders, will be working together to improve the stability of the EDI sector, as they wield their combined influence to safeguard and stabilize the integrity and deliverability of EDI interchanges across the global mesh of cooperating interconnected VANs and service providers.

This partnership should reassure nervous CIOs’ and supply chain managers – especially those seeking a path beyond the GXS induced network discontinuities, that there are options for these disillusioned, soon-to-be ex-GXS customers.