Sound opinions of GXS performance and user satisfaction sought

I am quite sincere in soliciting any bona fide end-users, especially brand marquee retailer and manufacturer hubs, any large EDI communications messaging users that are GXS TGMS VAN, Inovis VAN, or even past or present unmigrated IE VAN customers that wish to make on or off the record statement regarding your satisfaction with GXS overall –

I am not compiling data for professional services or enterprise software sales, and I have not made up my mind on integration or managed services scoring.

What the heck! If you are a GXS client and are perfectly satisfied with what they are providing, contact me at and I will take your opinion and ask you ten questions. In return, you can ask me anything within my area of expertise = as a full-time B2B sector analyst for new products, and as an advocate for innovators. Pick my brain, go on or off the record as you like.

Ask me anything.

This is the chance for happy GXS clients to give approbation; have they been improving, or not? How’s the support, have they been conducting your migration properly and well?

I will post the survey right here later over the weekend.