Availability for New Contract

I am able to commence new engagements as of this writing – I can take on one full time project or two-part time as of 1/7.

If you are looking for product and market advocacy, focused competitive intelligence, I’m ready.

if your contract requires supplemental production of content and research, surveys, data gathering, etc.  I have personal relationships with reliable subcontractors.

The benefits of my style of contracted, closed-end engagements? I will speak the truth, say what needs to be said, and deliver the goods. If you need to gain traction in B2B IT or techno-vertical markets, I will take on your cause as if it were my own.

I have been compiling opposition research profiles on key B2B market leaders, their coverage holes, organizational weaknesses, and blind spots. I can work up a custom profile in short order, often less than 90 days. Hands-on guidance for a targeted advocacy campaign is 6-12 months average. I will allocate urgent contracts full-time, sole focus, My rates are competitive, some say I under price. Until I see the need, I am holding my flat rates to 2012 schedule. Please call me for details.

My services are a perfect force multiplier for over extended product managers who are too busy steering the go to market. I can perform specific evangelism to offset the competitor’s mind share. I can and will elevate your solution out of the noise.

My last engagement is winding down after four years, That particular client was at war. Your issues may be not so dire; your company may need to increase positive traction, or overcome a competitors mind share. Maybe your innovation requires a special focus, deeper explanation, or my specialty, active engagement.

I do these things and I am quite current on highly technical systems integration, state of the industry, APIs, EDI, etc.

See my professional bio on the front page sidebar for details, or drop me line to: abmadw (at) gmail.com, Skype: awilensky