What is No Longer Beyond the Grasp of the EDI Comms Sector ?..

In my tiny professional niche, the most important macro issue remains the economic health of the B2B Communications Sector. The viability of the EDI comms sector is in question, causing dismay among the most apathetic supply chain executives. These professionals are  uncomfortable with a rising tide of vocal protestations welling up from   suppliers who are at odds over the recent GXS promulgation.

In November of 2014,GXS will terminate its transit agreement with ECGrid. However, for the past decade, GXS has refused non-settlement layer 7 peering with ECGrid – so?

The market is commencing a ground up revolt, a grass-roots movement of suppliers with bitter complaints, telling their hubs (GXS Clients) that they simply are wroth with GXS’  interconnection abuses.  The suppliers  are becoming more vocal, because this threat now has a date. The GXS response has been astroturfing, via blogs,  their sales channel, and the  massive megaphone of their support organization. GXS, throws around “interconnect advisory notices”, that are fallacious and synthetic term-of-art constructs, tailored to deceive customers, regulators, and the media.

Why are trading partners complaining so vociferously to anyone who will listen, most notably their hubs ? please, I implore that you imagine I am wearing Farmer Brown overalls as I hook thumbs under ripe armpits, exclaiming:

“..Well, let me tell you“!!! Continue reading