VAN Industry End User and Major Account Narrative Opinion Study

As I mentioned in the opening teaser for the upcoming VAN Sector Review, I decided to take additional input from the following end-user constituencies:

1) Major Accounts of any VAN or EDI network in the global mesh – if you want to have your opinion tallied, contact me @

2) Employees of MegaVAN One – or any VAN or service provider for that matter – do you want to crow or complain, are you busting at the seams to blow the whistle on some dastardly actions? I will keep you safe and anonymous – a subpoena wouldn’t get squat from me – I’m an itinerant analyst on the back of maxi scooter, working via my Macbook Air – I’m the righteous wind, your evil employer is a stolid inane drone.

Conversely,   if you feel that there are praiseworthy things to say about the  VAN or major EDI network you work for, I will give any positive viewpoints equal weight – subject to the same reality checking I do on every opinion survey.

Your opinions count. The results of this user survey will not only be used during the composition of the review, but will also be used by the sponsoring investor pool to steer funding of new products in the B2B sector. It’s anonymous, you only have to disclose to me the bare essentials, and I have stayed alive and employed in the B2B products sector by keeping my promises.

Your candid opinions of the status quo is where the next innovation comes from.

Ok, you brave, brave whistleblowers, EDI Evangelists, and Contrafactual crusaders, the NSA don’t give a crap about EDI and VANs, so open up the taps and gush forth your truth to Skype: awilensky email: