No holds barred Review of EDI VAN Sector, the downsides of perpetuating laggardly leadership

Upcoming: Total Review of EDI VAN Sector, the whole dirty truth; From customer sentiment surveys of MegaVAN-ONE, to inside coverage of the innovative architectural “jeweled movement” VAN that has powered SPS Commerce’s message handling (and other B2B giants, periodically including some VANs ) for well over a decade – The article will expose the true relationships and battle lines drawn between the key players. The  undisclosed secret war between MegaVAN One and the  service provider sector has been avoided by the Major Analyst Bureaus;  So finally….an independent analyst with inside sources exposes:the willful, negligent indifference of the legacy VAN sector. The article is sponsored by an   investment group who believe that: GXS “roll up routing arbitrage” has impaired the B2B Comms sector’s growth. The sector is suffering from an inbred lack of innovation, commonality of purpose, and collegiality.

The author’s research will show that most of the VANs have  practiced a form of “joyous ass covering”, i.e., intentionally ignoring patently deleterious actions of a powerful competitor, and thence failing to report the illegal conduct to regulators overseeing competition…Stay tuned, It will be so, so  real.