Idea for saving the EDI Communications market: An open source VAN or an alternative, open CIX style exchange for EDI message traffic routing

I think that it would be an AMAZING experiment, if one of the forward-thinking VANs would trim down their mailbox / subscriber management and core routing engines, and some other bits and pieces, and offer the software with only community support. Source code could be optional, but certainly a multi protocol VAN-like package for gratis plus a support fee based on “hassle factor”.

if the contributing VAN or software company did this, I think they would be pleasantly surprised to see an amazing influx of interest and a TON of support contracts for the first 2-3 years, and they could always be introducing new add-ons, which could have a free version and a paid version. A non-support option and a supported option. It has worked in many other industries that are  comms centered.

Of course, most of the VANs today that I know of are not run by visionaries. They are all milking the juice out of the market.  A real forward thinking VAN that would contribute to the community, one with a track record of innovation. Shoot…..can anyone think of a company with that profile. Damn….dern it…..I can’t think of  one…….I could have sworn in B2B my product analyst consulting practice I would have one in this old Rolodex. Anyone know of a visionary VAN, with a track record of bringing new innovations to the EDI Communications market? Anyone?

Also, an open source VAN module set, pick and choose your functions, is only one way to solve many industry ills. There also could be a public, semi-open, invitation style “EDI Commercial Exchange” that would be run by an industry trade group in as a collegial and egalitarian or non-discriminatory manner as humanly possible (you would guess that the Private and Sovereign Equity that Formed the ersatz golem of GXS had almost led to the abolishment of collegial relations among EDI Professionals – for the good of the industry)  ….any valid member with an EDI message properly enveloped would be warranted for best effort delivery, any network VAN or service provider could join as sustaining members, and there would be no “routing discrimination” or otherwise funny business.
Of course to have a CIX style exchange would also take a number of visionaries to work together and some would have to be founding, architectural and tech-standards “contributors”, as that is how NSF net became ARPANET and then the Internet. Where would we EVER find such visionaries in THIS industry that has been given over with its offspring to Moloch?   Anyone?
Interested Parties can further this issue and participate in saving an entire industry by contacting:Alan Wilensky, Product Analyst and a Trusted Advocate for B2B’s Bright New FutureSkype: awilensky