The present EDI era is …

Our present era is one where new EDI Communications are devolving into As2 islands with virtually zero addressability, and a collapsing system of legacy VANs that have done nothing to collectively address industry standards, user issues, and network enhancements. Want to know more about the inevitable “forced evolution” of the commerce communications sector? Would you like to know if there is any personality, however obscure, performing masterful feats of VAN re-engineering in virtual anonymity, while the ostensible leaders of the sector stew and do nothing? Stay tuned right here – on 9/21/2012 this author will break it all open, showing the emptiness of the current market, and the one or two glimmers of hope, and real technology, that will return the B2B Comms market to sanity, productivity, and value through innovation. Stay Tuned.

EDI Value Added Network Sector: They Under-Serve the all and the some, while their architecture remains undone.