Micro Commentary on Republican Contenders: Clown College

I am an Independent Democrat  – I regret my vote for Barak Obama – I don’t even care if I am spelling his name correctly. Barak stole my vote with explicit promises and unspoken commitments he never intended to fulfill. I would vote for a republican or an unknown party in a minute.

The alternatives I might consider among the Republicans are eliminated as the group, as a whole, can only be described as a “Clown College“. Rick Perry? The man is mentally damaged. Santorum? His sole  s  credentials are based in some type of white-boy, right-boy, social issues. Santorum as President is a film score for f-ed up right-wing version of the movie Blade Runner. Gingrich? That’s one angry and pissed-off ideologue. Whew! Ron Paul – I so do want a libertarian society and the downsizing of the Federal Pawprint on this nation, but not with him at the helm.

Anyone else? Got rid of the Lunatic Bachman, narrowly avoided Herman Cain (again, whew!), and….now, Mitt Romney, my former Governor,  the man without a vision. Romney is all the manager you can ask for, experienced in capital markets, and totally unsuited to be President. Shudder.

If I have missed anyone, it’s because I hardly give a listen to the Republican blather – not because I am not interested or very concerned, because I am. However, I am a sensitive soul, and I can only take so much disingenuousness until I get migraines.

Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul, Perry – nausea. Jon Huntsman……… (got rid of the H in the edit)/

Here, in Jon Huntsman, we have a plainspoken, erudite, Global thinker, an expert on Chinese-American relations (speaks Mandarin Chinese), who does not give this democrat a headache.

Jon Huntsman is a Republican wildcard, endorsed by the Boston Glob (not sure how I feel about that), that actually engenders in me less revulsion than Barack Obama. Wow.

I will not be voting for Obama again – he betrayed me. I might vote for Jon Huntsman. If any other one of the Republican potential nominees are seated as President of our Fair Land in this  Wretched year of our  L-rd 2012………..I will enter a medically induced coma for the duration of the Presidential Term.