A Stalled and Strangled Market – What we Owe Bill McGowan – What we Pledge to His Memory

“Many people thought it was crazy for Bill to take on AT&T” Sound familiar, “Todd, you can’t fight GXS!” A Great Man can take on anything and anyone.

What do we Pledge to the memory of Bill McGowan, the Long Distance Warrior who broke AT&T’s monopoly? I personally pledge never to let a corporate bully take advantage of Private Equity to disadvantage a smaller innovator. Just as MCI breaking AT&T opened our era to so many new opportunities such as fiber optics, cell phones and the Internet, in our arcane but important word of supply chain EDI communications (ignored by a torpid FCC, however, the Agency will be roused via our filings),  I pledge, in the memory of Bill McGowan, my hero next to Major Edwin Howard Armstrong, that I will not rest until the following is accomplished:

1. GXS is taken to task for causing anguish to a fine and dignified engineer and his company,

2. That agencies and courts alike see correctly,  that Loren Data v. GXS Inc  is an exact replay of MCI v. AT&T

3. That if collusion is uncovered, or if there is executive culpability discovered at GXS in denying Loren Data Corp an Interconnect, then I will make it my last act on earth to air these to the proper authorities well after I am released from any minor advisory obligations to Loren Data Corp.

This is my fight now!  Edwin Armstrong v. RCA and David Sarnoff, Philo Farnsworth v. RCA and GE, and now, Todd Gould and Loren Data v. GXS, already a decade of striving while innovating and operating one of the best EDI networks on the planet – and the only Web Services API for EDI network management, while fighting tooth and nail for what GXS gives gratis (???Gives??? –  F—- that…GXS takes transit from all of the other VANs and ECGrid, and GEIS/GXS/inovis/IBM-IE were all built upon the foundations of free traffic exchange settlements – misnamed VAN interconnects) to every EDI communications network in the industry.

Oh, Loren Data is appealing, yes. Yes, I am going to Washington with our regulatory council, and yes, I am not coming back until we a) get on the docket for an administrative law rule making, b) get one of the Bureau Chiefs to take peremptory actions and investigate GXS as a hybrid message switching service subject to tariff.

Meanwhile, enjoy this trailer to “Long Distance Warrior” If you can’t find Long Distance Warrior on your local PBS station, email me for a link to the on-line version.