In Honor of His Loyal Friend

To live and Die in Colorado Springs, a Poem by the Naked Analyst, Wilensky

My friend swims in the pool and sometimes drinks the water,

I tell him he shouldn’t

as we are parting ways

just when I needed his help in upcoming battles

we reluctantly say, good-bye.

I used to walk him in the park, past the swings,

as we live and die in Colorado Springs

I lead an army of the part-time and semi-retired

into  war against a morally bankrupt empire,

I sing the battle songs that Quincy loved so

when I’d whistle, call his name, and sing,

swearing to triumph in his honor

or lose, maybe even dying

we shall swear and drink,

telling stories, all the while lying.

for fate is what the future rightly brings

as we live and die,

in Colorado, Springs….