MIcrosoft could increase search share overnight with Name change, says branding experts

A group of Linguists and Brand Equity analysts have determined after conducting an extensive survey, that Microsoft could increase its search market share in the Mature user Populations by changing the name of its search engine, from “Bing”, to “Bingle”. The lead scientist on the project, Dr. Moshe ben-Maimon, of the University of Tel Aviv, says that, “the older populations are more prone to trust two syllable on-line brands that end in “…le”.

The Japanese researchers contributing to the project concur with a set of targeted cultural adjustment for Asian demographics.

MIcrosoft should change Bing to BIngle. The Nice young lady, that social networking researcher who cries at conferences…..declined to comment for this report. Danah Boyd, that’s it, she has never written anything on this phenomenon.