Empty and vacuous: iPhone line people

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A writer at the Washington Post has a piece on the wisdom of waiting a week or so to get your iPhone, due to the inevitable activation snafus of the new in store process.

I will do him one better: What’s wrong with you! Standing in line, for hours, for a crappy gadget. I’m ashamed of myself for even taking time to shame you. Are you empty, void of purpose, stupid? Don’t you work or contribute to the economy or some civic activity? Who can afford to sit around like that? And for what? It’s not like a sporting event or concert seat with a limited run – it’s a device, they are slated to make 50 million of them.

Stop it now, get out of line, go home. Collect your old clothes and donate them, volunteer, or just go back to the job that you called in sick for – argh. Get a life.

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6 thoughts on “Empty and vacuous: iPhone line people

  1. Alan:

    This post reminds me of nothing so much as the Motorola engineers insisting (FTF in a meeting about the impact of the iPhone last summer) that the iPhone is stupid and consumers are being tricked.

    Get a clue my friend.


  2. Fine, buying the phone is ok – the post was not about buying the phone. The post was about wasting your day sitting in line for something as trivial as a phone

  3. Tombob:

    You have a low reading comprehension score, and bad taste to boot, as you are only one of the 12 people total that even read this blog, and one of three that has ever left a comment.

    The post was not about the iPhone the device. That’s a fine piece of gear.

    It’s about people that spend a day or two waiting in line for one. It is silly and a waste of time, for what? To get one first?

    Please tell us you are not one of those people. Go buy all the iPhones you want.

  4. @Alan – I agree, to some it might seem strange. I’m not a big fan of getting in line for anything. (I cringe at the thought of going to a theme park with my boys to stand in line for 8 hours for two rides.) But as a testimony to the strength of our economy, I’d rather read about lines for iPhones, then lines for unemployment checks, Social Services, a Jury Duty waiting room all day only never to be selected for a trial, 2 hours in the the DMV for a 5 minute transaction, the Emergency Room (dare I say, the local illegal immigrant health care center). Now those examples are void of purpose and contribute little to our economy.

  5. Gosh, Alan, you cut me off when I tried to actually engage you regarding the column where you originally actually challenged me to a fist fight for my suggesting that the politicians were using the political crises as a chance to grandstand rather than fix the problem.

    You can have the last word there. As for why I’d respond on your sight, your lack of traffic is sort of the point. I can’t actually take on that masses. Seriously, I can’t even imagine googling myself; not for want of ego but for the futility of fighting the anger out there.

    I find the folks waiting in line at AT&T service desks actually personally offensive, from a customer service perspective. I love my iPod. I think the iPhone is simply a comically bad piece of telephonic equipment.

    As for our Tiff. I don’t even think of it as such. I made you angry but you stated your case. I got death threat for calling oil a bubble (which I did the whole way up, check your facts… the best trade I made all year was selling the USO at 105 for a 4 pt loss). If you want to fight (relatively) fair… hell, that’s what I do for a living. Let’s get it on and maybe we can both learn something in the process.

    Nothing but love, man. I’ll almost certainly offend you tomorrow on the show. The only thing I’m telling you upfront (now that I’ve found your site via a fired telling me “this guys actually wants to fight you”) are the following: a) Don’t insult my intelligence and I wont disrespect yours. I’m not the smartest guy in the world but know this: the people who claim to be are, by statistical definition, not. 2) Don’t call me a talking head; I’m literally only doing the talk job because I’m trying to save people from doing things like ride Ag plays down 50%. I tried to help them. I am literally angered that they not only didn’t listen to me about the bubble but they insulted me along the way. For you to claim I was making a “supply/ demand” case is just you not doing your homework.

    I’m simply not at all insecure about my brains or my motives. Beyond that, I’m willing to debate whether or not I’m right on any topic all day long.

    All the best,

    Macke (supposedly)

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