Brian Darling, Professional Liar, Heritage Foundation

On CNBC, the center for misinformation for all things regarding commodities futures trading, Brian Darling, a paid liar for the Heritage Foundation says that increasing margin requirements for oil futures speculators will destroy the economy.

Mr. Darling needs to be beaten with an oil field pipe wrench  – he is paid by the foundation to convey misinformation. The entire run up in crude prices is due to the number of speculators that hold contracts on dry barrels. These evil folks could never hope to take delivery of the commodities that they are bidding on. Worse, they are bidding with a near zero investment backing their long positions. Could it get worse that this?

Yes. In most cases, they are not even placing the 5% margin requirement that is called for (it should be 50% margin). They are allowed to trade for free, with no need to take delivery, and with what is essentially no margin requirement.

Brian Darling – you are an evil traitor to this country you bastard.

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