Support the Yahoo! Buy the put or the call?

I dont know the difference between a put or a call – but I think you should support Yahoo in today’s trading. Why-hoo should you? Let me tell you:

As millions of Institutional Investors read my blog and seek my advice regarding tech sector investments, I have decided to comment with some unsolicited moral porridge, something that shall stick to the ribs of investors and not run off, as tech news is want to do.

Investors! Heed me! Hold off on the Yahoo call. Yahoo’s wise, though beardless founder, has made a decision that is in the best interest of the industry at large, in the long term.

Yahoo is being helmed back to its center; back to the days when lasting architectural foundations of internet systems were made to last and deliver value for more than one trading cycle, more than one quarter’s report.

The merger would have been a drawn out fiasco, and resulted in naught. The new fear of G-d that is Yahoo’s sweaty legacy of this non-deal, is that the preeminent engineers and smart y pants people that built the Yahoo legacy, are for a moment, back in the driver’s seat.

You, shareholder, may be currently dismayed. But what is being built under your arses is nothing short of a next generation platform for network computing and user centered, (social hate that word) networking. The type of cloud that Yahoo is moving to build and the services thereof will last much longer, nay shall endure, far better than the plethora of here and gone social me too crapola from the valley.

What the Yahoo! has done is tantamount to changing the plating of the Titanic’s deck, not the chairs – the turbines, not the band. The officer of the watch saw the iceberg in time, barely. The Andrea Dorea turned and narrowly scraped the Stockholm.

All Success, Cap’n Jerry, aye me boy, aye. All buy Yahoo on the down and show yer support for our stalwart Valley institutions.

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