Disingenuous Editorial Comment Policies

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Nevertheless, thank you for your interest in All Things Digital.
John Sullivan
Associate Editor

Mr. John Sullivan is the comment squad cop of Kara Swisher’s All thingsD .

I cant believe that I actually gave them a link! I am a fan of Kara Swisher, in a small way I have her in my RSS reader, and that means – I’m a subscriber!

So they don’t want my freaking comment on the Arrington blog super union venture; eh! Big deal, as if I said anything about him that hasn’t been said before.

I don’t know the man (Arrington), but I envy his success, and most of my snarky comments about him, Edgeio, Keith Teare (the man is right out of a JP Donleavy Novel), are just to get a rise out the bloggeratti.

So, Mr. Sullivan, editor of ALL things Digital – kiss my Hairy Hebrew Bum. I’m not even going to bother threatening to unsubscribe from the site, because it would hardly matter.

Mr. Sullivan should just know that he is bad part of the blog business, and he makes main stream media look good in comparison.