Im Looking for Referals!

Get into markets that care – go vertical! Hire me to be your guide to industrial and skilled trade channels for your Web 2.0 Application. I deliver results.

I am offering a 5% contract referral payment to colleagues or readers who graciously refer potential clients to me. See my LinkedIn references on the main page of this blog. Reach me @ or on skype: awilensky

I have several long term contracts out to bid, and these can take a longish time to close. In the meantime, if I can generate some referrals for my, ‘perfect 90 day product strategy critical review’, or ‘what don’t you know about your competitive sector?’ services – that would be great.

I have been providing these services in the Boston area for several years. I was invited to the Valley by France Telecom R&D labs in South San Francisco, for a six month contract centering on the on-line brand monitoring and automotive supply chain sectors. That research went extremely well. Portfolio materials redacted from that research can be seen at the links on the main page.

I deliver actionable product strategies for web properties that may have started in the consumer or enterprise business sector, and I remake them for the services sector. My specialty is web services and applications that could be profitably re-targeted towards the ‘hard’ professions, i.e., technical product services, equipment services, skilled trades, etc.

If you have a Web 2.0 property that is slowing its uptake, never got a fast start, etc., you at least owe yourself a conversation with me. I can work the trade associations, survey new channels, and suggest new approaches and features.

Do you need re-writes of white papers, marketing collateral, or just a general de-funk of the language in your marketing package? I’m your man. I take dry, technical buzz and tell a compelling story about your product.

I work well with product managers – I deliver! See my portfolio pages.

Reach me @ or on skype: awilensky – See my linkedin profile on the main page.