Acquisition Pressures Accelerate the Pruning of Yahoo’s Purple People

Acquisition Pressures Accelerate the Pruning of Yahoo’s Purple People

I was sitting across the table from a survivor. A survivor. You would think that a person with almost eight years tenure in an exalted technical management capacity would be elated to be telling me his or her story, but this soul was about as glum as can be; there was a veritable cloud in the room.

This interview was conducted with the solemn pledge of anonymity, for obvious reasons. Indeed, this survivor of the Yahoo upheaval chose me because I am an unknown, no account, under the radar blogger. I am sure that, eventually, other interviews and exposes will appear with attribution in various on-line organs such as TechCrunch, Boomtown, or some such.

Such as it is, I am honored to be the anonymous nobody that this Yahoo survivor chose to vent through: Continue reading