Im Looking for Referals!

Im Looking for Referals!

Get into markets that care – go vertical! Hire me to be your guide to industrial and skilled trade channels for your Web 2.0 Application.

I am offering a 5% contract referral payment to colleagues or readers who graciously refer potential clients to me. See my LinkedIn references on the main page of this blog. Reach me @ or on skype: awilensky

I have several long term contracts out to bid, and these can take a longish time to close. In the meantime, if I can generate some referrals for my, ‘perfect 90 day product strategy critical review’, or ‘what don’t you know about your competitive sector?’ services – that would be great.

I have been providing these services in the Boston area for several years. I was invited to the Valley by France Telecom R&D labs in South San Francisco, for a six month contract centering on the on-line brand monitoring and automotive supply chain sectors. That research went extremely well. Portfolio materials redacted from that research can be seen at the links on the main page.

I deliver actionable product strategies for web properties that may have started in the consumer or enterprise business sector, and I remake them for the services sector. My specialty is web services and applications that could be profitably re-targeted towards the ‘hard’ professions, i.e., technical product services, equipment services, skilled trades, etc.

If you have a Web 2.0 property that is slowing its uptake, never got a fast start, etc., you at least owe yourself a conversation with me. I can work the trade associations, survey new channels, and suggest new approaches and features.

Do you need re-writes of white papers, marketing collateral, or just a general de-funk of the language in your marketing package? I’m your man. I take dry, technical buzz and tell a compelling story about your product.

I work well with product managers – I deliver! See my portfolio pages.

Reach me @ or on skype: awilensky – See my linkedin profile on the main page.


I’m no Genius, I’m No Pundit

It’s interesting to note that all the bullet points mentioned in my Yahoo interview are being reiterated on KQED FM this morning “Forum discusses that question with a panel of experts including Michael Kanellos, editor-at-large for CNET; and Sarah Lacy, author and columnist for Business Week Magazine” – Dylan Sweeny is also a panelist.

What is the consensus:

  1. Yahoo never pulled its properties together into a coherent whole
  2. Yahoo never took full advantage of its Web 2.0 acquisitions
  3. Yahoo shied away from pursuing a more aggressive acquisition strategy when it counted
  4. Putting Semel at the helm steered Yahoo onto an ill-begotten road towards becoming a quasi entertainment portal
  5. Semel and Decker greatly expanded the upper level management of Veeps and do-nothing directors
  6. Semel continued (probably did not initiate, though) the slide from a  technology meritocracy, to an agency business model

So, they agree that there has been a bungling at Yahoo. Many callers also expressed that vehement “Purple Culture”, that is boiling over at the thought of serving a Microsoft Master.

Now, whoever pays your check gets your loyalty, but I am reminded of a quote from the interview I conducted that was intentionally omitted due to its Inflammatory tone:

“If the Redmond management clones think they are going to muscle us and change our user driven culture, I will do all in my power to thwart their efforts, short of insurrection”

Sounds like insurrection to me. Such different cultures, such divergent targets.