India in Ascendancy

If you think it’s all about outsourcing, smart engineers, and cheap programmers – think again. India has contributed a rich body of philosophy to the world.

—- You see, life is like a great drama, the Mahabharata – the story of war spanning 10,000 years. As India rises in the world’s eyes, America sinks into moral decay (some might say nowadays; I still think we Americans are good at heart – how can the world be perpetually angry at the country who gave the earth Harley Davidson?).

The victory only comes at the end of apparent defeat. Yuhistria loses all the brothers of his Panadava Clan to seven wars, and is now alone wandering in the dark forest. He, the eldest brother has brought shame on the family by engaging in dice, gambling away the family property and fortunes.

He is alone now with his dog……and comes to the gates of heaven – Indra, the Angel guarding the gates says, “you may enter Prince, but no dog may enter heaven with you”

Yudhisthria is a moral man, and says, “I cannot abandon an animal that has lived by my side and is wholly dependent on me”,

“Then, you shall not enter”, says the angel

“Where are my brothers, Arjuna…etc.”

The Angel shows Yudhisthria a vision of hell……..”there are your clan, all in hell, and tormented by their enemies”.

“then that is where I will go”, says Yudhisthria,, “For if they are in hell, then that is heaven for me:”

At this point in the great narrative, the Faithful Dog at Yudhisthria’s side turns into the living incarnation of Dharma, and blesses him, and the Pandava Clan is reunited in heaven.

But the dog remained with Yudhisthira.

Soon they reached at the doors of Heaven. The lord of Heaven Indra appeared before Yudhisthira and said: “O noble one, welcome to the kingdom of Heavens. You are most righteous person ever lived on the earth, therefore we are pleased to welcome you. But there is one condition. This dog cannot be admitted to this holy place of heavens. You come alone and leave the dog behind.”

To this Yudhisthira objected saying: “O Lord, I cannot leave this holy creature who has accompanied me in all trials and tribulations. Either you admit us both or else I do not need the safety and luxury of your Heaven.”

On hearing Yudhisthira speak thus, the dog changed himself in the form of Dharma Itself and said: “O Yudhisthira the people in coming generations for time immemorial will praise and remember you as the most righteous person ever born. Come let us enjoy the heavenly bliss.”

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