Windows Vista Troubles an Opportunity for Linux to Ascend

Ok, I just read the newly restored blog posting of Mr. Phillip Su

To my mind, the Firestorm over this issue is a harbinger of the death rattle of heavyweight OS’s, and a herald of coming good for a new and refreshing generation of network-based services and applications, and lightweight applications. Let me explain:

I have a very optimized Win XP workstation that I use for everything daily use – WP. email, web news, etc. — but I also have Edius 3.6 (soon to be 4.0), which I use for my Vlogging business, and this dual core Athlon machine with 2gb of fast, tightly-timed platinum RAM is highly tuned and tweaked for the best general and video editing/compression use.
Nobody is going to mess with that – not for a long time. I have no plans to run out and buy Vista even after its first or second service packs…and I suspect there are many folks out there that are quite comfortable with their current setups, and who feel the same way. I don’t need the disruption.

At the same time, I am adopting an increasingly robust set of network/ browser based applications that are free, cheap, convenient to use, and well, just fit the bill. With the only major drawback of network based applications being that your data and configuration is at the mercy of an outside party, and the newly attendant concerns about government invasiveness, I am pretty optimistic about the future of network storage, apps, and productivity.

Ok, say a few network-based storage services go belly up with your data….price of progress. Linkedin goes down and you cant get your address book for a day (ditto, get over it – there are always trade offs and we having been living the long and painful trade offs of a brittle Windows operating system for a decade now.
And just when it seems like my XP machine has been BSOD free for months – I’m not sure I could ever duplicate the system I have here under Vista.

I will not be upgrading to Vista, ever – until pushed to the wall by application choices that will run on nothing else and brother, I am not talking about a word processor – Edius, my NLE vendor Canopus, would have to say, ‘next Release Vista x64 only’. Pray G-d that doesn’t happen for years or ever.

But I might be just ripe for the Linux picking if only….people…..some distro could make it easier for me….and please, don’t tell me that Linux is ready for prime time, I check out the gang every once in a while – the whole mess, and some things just don’t work without a hired geek above my level – and I’m pretty technical.

My point: With the revelations recently exposed vis a vis Microsoft, Vista delays and the none too warm reception of the review of Vista’s beta – I darn well thing that some smart Linux company can beat the Vista clock with a rock solid distro that works for me, mom, my artist friends, and the none too technical.

My old client, Mr. Kingsley Idehen, CEO of OpenlInk Software, (Makers of the Virtuoso Superserver), said, “it’s going to be the Internet as the OS”. Obviously he ws saying something that was tried before and flopped a bit, back there in the 90’s – but I think we are onto sure and good game.

I see the future ‘through a mirror darkly’, as lighter desktop OS’s; a better Linux that work well with today’s modern junk, and network applications that provide low cost and portable services – while Microsoft, crumbling, tries to pry my WinXP video editing workstation out of my cold, dead hands.