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Wellll…that’s me in 1999 ish…at my electric scooter store that went down the crapper after 9/11/2001 – retail toy stores were really affected badly; As a mater of fact, a mountian bike store that had been in business for 15 years (right next door to my scooter place, less than a year old), went out of biz in Jan 02 – because there was no holiday shopping season! this poor guy had eeked out a living selling moderately expensive Trek and other high end bikes, and he was on floor plan – in other words the manufacturers carried him all year and then – the holidays would make his nut –

The electric scooter mfrs. never floorplanned – I was on cash. I lost all told with advertising and store fixtures maybe 200k – a learning experience; I learned that I hate retail business.

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