I yelled out Brrreeeport

Out for a smoke on the back yard porch I yelled, “Brreeeport”!
And back from over the fence came a loud retort, a report,
“Technorati did’t pick up my articles and thoughts”, said the annonymous voice in the suburban slime
“What am I going to do with all this time
on my hands but post “Brrreeeport” “Brrreeeport” “Brrreeeport” on my DSL line?

I called back to the faceless man, “Do what you can, there is no one to read your blog anyway, the blogosphere is a myth, and hey, to you my man, “Brrreeeport”“Brrreeeport”, have a good day.”

And all was silent except the night and the crickets; deafening amongst the unanswered support tickets, and a stray cat came and brushed against my startled leg and I said, “Hello Kitty”, how are you today?. The cat meaowed loudly and I swear I heard it say, ‘“Brrreeeport” .