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Wellll…that’s me in 1999 ish…at my electric scooter store that went down the crapper after 9/11/2001 – retail toy stores were really affected badly; As a mater of fact, a mountian bike store that had been in business for 15 years (right next door to my scooter place, less than a year old), went out of biz in Jan 02 – because there was no holiday shopping season! this poor guy had eeked out a living selling moderately expensive Trek and other high end bikes, and he was on floor plan – in other words the manufacturers carried him all year and then – the holidays would make his nut –

The electric scooter mfrs. never floorplanned – I was on cash. I lost all told with advertising and store fixtures maybe 200k – a learning experience; I learned that I hate retail business.

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Retrograde Progress in Blog Clientware

Retrograde Progress in Blog Clientware

It was an innocent enough motivation – find a blog client that would liberate me, at least a little, from the web based blog interface that I use on one of three blogs that I post to. Truth be told, I was not very savvy about the blog client landscape, I just wanted a little convenience, like spell checking, formating, and generally not having to fire up MS Word every time I had to post a lengthy article.

What started as a simple endeavour to install the ‘Performancing’ Firefox blogging extension. When the attempt to install this extension went awry, crashing the browser, eating up days of fiddling – I spoke to a consulting client of mine who makes a Super-Server platform that includes, amongst its many web services and database functions, an installable Blog system. The conversation took many twists and turns, and resulted in a ‘quest-to-test’ as many blog clients as possible. I resolved to form some opinion of how interoperable, usable, and generally, productive, these blog clients are compared to the native web-based interfaces we usually use for our daily blogging.

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The Year of the Web Application Framework and Java Defections

The Year of the Web Application Framework and Java Defections

The Year of the Web Application Framework and Java Defections

One doesn’t need to be a Java Expert to blogwhine about bloated frameworks and Java induced headaches – Let Bruce Tate say it more eloquently than I ever could ever hope to [1] . I’m a writer and client facing person, I put the spit on heavy technical articles so upper level folks can get their points digested. Sometimes, this type of lively ‘analyst type’ writing helps others. Hey, it’s a living.

And I’ve been out of the coding loop for a while – my old days as a topnotch firmware/AT BIOS/FORTH man are well behind me, but I’m back baby! Thanks to a fortuitous oblique reference I found Ruby, and why, and hey…how can one argue with this stuff, really?

But I’ve ‘out the game’ so long, that I’m even having a hard time asking the right questions, which never was problem for me before, because I have a very good grounding in traditional programming. So when reading all things Rails, and to a lesser extent Ruby, I don’t get it all, and have to dig. Sometimes the formally presented information, such as in Dave Thomas’ excellent, “Agile Web Development with Rails”, leaves me a little….huh?

But this is just rust – it does not cause me undue stress (I lie, I feel I will never catch up).

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I yelled out Brrreeeport

Out for a smoke on the back yard porch I yelled, “Brreeeport”!
And back from over the fence came a loud retort, a report,
“Technorati did’t pick up my articles and thoughts”, said the annonymous voice in the suburban slime
“What am I going to do with all this time
on my hands but post “Brrreeeport” “Brrreeeport” “Brrreeeport” on my DSL line?

I called back to the faceless man, “Do what you can, there is no one to read your blog anyway, the blogosphere is a myth, and hey, to you my man, “Brrreeeport”“Brrreeeport”, have a good day.”

And all was silent except the night and the crickets; deafening amongst the unanswered support tickets, and a stray cat came and brushed against my startled leg and I said, “Hello Kitty”, how are you today?. The cat meaowed loudly and I swear I heard it say, ‘“Brrreeeport” .

brrreeeport in my life

I was sitting at a red light in front of Whole Foods Market
Musing on my tough luck
When my mind started chanting and my mouth started ranting
brrreeeport brrreeeport what the f-ck!

I gave box of chocolates to a girl I liked
but she doesnt know that Im alive
So I picked up the phone and feelin all alone
Dialed brrreeeport brrreeeport one-oh-five

I got my diabetic cat and Stetson Hat
Im gonna get myself a job
write a blog like a slob
Typing  brrreeeport brrreeeport ……brrreeeport brrreeeport….|brrreeepor tbrrreeeport waaaaaaaa