brrreeeport conversation in advanced stupor

brrreeeport conversation in advanced stupor [Alan Wilensky]

A lonely converastion to myself in the coffeshop line – two shot Americano a buck ninety. The girl at the counter a black haired beauty, Brazilian, like you’ve never seen; such Beauty gotta be a burden, gotta be.

I held the coffee cup in my cold, chapped hands and wondered what to do with my day – Car Talk on NPR, that’s good for an hour –

Practice Ruby on Rails? That plays into the new regime’s hands, I won’t have Jason and David telling me what to think and with whom to mate; as a Great Dane Truly, he is plenty busy of late.

So not a minute had passed , and I muttered ‘brrreeeport” under my breath in a bitter and disgusted sort of way, and a guy I hadn’t noticed standing near said, “I know what that means!”.

I turned and glowered at the man, and walked slowly away.

brrreeeport indeed