About Alan Wilensky

I’m a hands-on technology solution / product advocate. The innovators I work with are marketing against laggard incumbents, and it’s my job to get them above the noise, and attract enough attention to allow them to get on the map, or into the game. These are not startups, by the way, most are mature companies in the process of recapturing their momentum.

I optimize the client’s message by taking an editorial or issue centric campaign to the market. The greatest portion of my work-product is writing posts and directly engaging with pre-selected prospects to garner specific influence in the sector (outside of the direct sales channel).

My focus area is SMB-SME innovators in B2B IT, supply chain IT, and a few selected specialized hardware markets (T&M, professional SMR communications, and mobile workforce management).

I’m a keen identifier of fulcrum points in vertical markets. For contemporary B2B SAAS campaigns, I gather the raw concepts and mold the topical narrative – tying into the client’s architectural innovations, then I hammer it until the message is “fixed” within the sector’s subconscious. It’s not magic – it’s hard work.

My client’s are all innovators – their products speak for themselves; I transform the prose, using direct, unambiguous language when I speak with the prospect influencers. I will also target strategic partnerships, licensees, and non-customer focused relationships as required.
I practice a disciplined style of industry relations to build partnerships, communities of developers, and increasingly it seems, government relations. I encapsulate the key concepts and deliver them where they will effect a difference – in an analyst’s in-stack, but more likely to a LinkedIn forum, or blog article, or via direct outreach.

Subsequently, I close the loop and bring the campaign results back into the client’s marketing where appropriate. Then, the contract is over, and I bid, farewell. Being a closed-end contact keeps the candor intact.

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    • I cover industrial and technical services markets, such as industrial equipment services, mobile dispatch, web services for task productivity.

      Anything with a specialized, technical product orientation.

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